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About Indian Professionals in Japan (IPJ)

Thank you for visiting the page. IPJ is a specialized non-profit community group of approx. 7000 mostly high-skilled professionals connected with India and Japan.

The purpose of the group is to provide online and in-person opportunities to share information in career, skill enhancements, and investments.

We see that members are utilizing our social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn etc for-

1. Sharing job opportunities as a recruiter or as an employee of the firm (e.g.; referral)

2. Sharing ways and options for skill improvements

3. Offering or asking for guidance in business setups

4. Sharing ideas on investments (e.g.; stock market investment/ start-up investments)

The members have-

1. Rich industry expertise (e.g.; automobile, finance, recruitment, IT, Aerospace, Telecom, Civil, Pharma, Languages, Legal, Aviation, City planning, Hospitality, and many more)

2. Diverse experience (from students, interns to senior executives)

3. Broad work profiles (corporate employees, entrepreneurs, or independent consultants)

For better connections among members, IPJ arranges networking opportunities at the venue or over the web once in a few months. IPJ also arranges small get-together/meetup on the background of major festivals (e.g.; Diwali) and educational events (e.g.; World Robot event)

Further, under #IPJWomen initiative, we encourage women participation in professional discussions, activities, and events

We have also actively collaborated with India-Japan Governments to benefit the society.

Since this is a community effort, please participate to benefit the society. e.g.; once you join, share information, guide others by answering questions, extend your connection to help the network grow.

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